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 Posted 9/21/2011 2:10:15 PM

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How are you doing selling tickets in this tough economy? What kind of things are you doing to boost sales?

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 Posted 10/10/2011 12:03:45 AM

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I wish there was a silver bullet, but the very best way to insure ticket sales is still the one-on-one, personal "Ask"; particularly if the "asker"  knows the "askee".  It helps if the event either has a long history of being "fun"OR if there is some novel game/approach/whatever (if you are selling tickets for the only golf tournament in the state, say); but you still need that direct invitation.
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 Posted 10/20/2011 12:34:09 PM

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Our dinner was on 10/13/11 and we had a great turn out!  We didnt seem to have a hard time selling tickets or getting corp. tables.  I believe we had 33 corp tables, and sold another 150 tickets.  We also raffled, and auctioned 42 guns on top of all of the other stuff we had!!!  Good luck with your ticket sales.  

BTW, I sold a lot of my tickets on craigslist...   Just a thought.   :)

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 Posted 2/16/2012 9:14:44 PM

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I thought this was going to be a rough year but I myself raised ten thousand in two weeks. almost everyone i sold a table to told me i should be a salesperson and even offered me a and dealerships. the key is....bug the crap out of them in a non anoying way. my favorite thing to say is...the ducks cant talk so im telling you to buy a table and keep waterfowling alive forever! i say the corniest things but i dont care. a guy asked me how much it would cost me to shut up and i told him a sponsor table, so he wrote me a check for six hundred fifty! i have fun with it and i enjoy it too much. we totaled more than five hundted presold tickets this year. what also helped was having the banquet on a friday. just target everyone you never know who may be an obsessed duck hunter with monet to throw around.
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