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Don't Get Distracted Right Before Legal Shooting Light

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 Posted 11/29/2011 10:47:57 AM

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Last weekend, I took out two youth hunters and my dog to a flooded timber swamp where we have had great success this year.  Being that the kids don't have waders, I wrangled a few extra climbing tree stands for them to sit in.  After ferrying them into the swamp, getting them situated, setting the dog stand up, and putting out the decoys, it was just about legal shooting time.  I pulled the action back to load the first shell, and somebody dropped their blindbag in the water.  Wallet, cell phone, etc. So I hurry over (through waist high water) to hopefully minimize the damage to his stuff. Got it all situated with 2 min. till shooting time.  Mind you, ducks are already buzzing around the swamp.  I hurried back over to my spot watching a big group of mallards wanting to come in very badly.  I start calling and they dive in on us.  They hit the water as I step out from behind the tree to call the shot.  I pull up to shoot and nothing happens.  I go to pull the trigger again...nothing.  The group gets up and flies away, none of them are shot.  I look down to see that my action is still locked in the open position with no shells loaded.  The dog is looking at me like, "Seriously dude? What were you thinking?" Needless to say, when it's time to shoot, make sure you actually loaded your gun.

P.S.- The kids were so amazed at the amount of ducks flying around, they didn't see this group until it was too late.
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 Posted 11/29/2011 1:37:15 PM

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Great short story.  Thanks for sharing.  Great to take youth out and get them into the sport!


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 Posted 11/29/2011 2:53:42 PM

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Great story, glad to see others taking future quack smackers into the field.

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 Posted 11/29/2011 3:22:10 PM

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Had something similar happen earlier this year.  Right before LST we decided to brush up the blinds a bit more. Right as shooting hours came on we had a single goose bomb into the decoys, I got lucky enough to throw a few shells in as he dropped in, but was so caught off guard a blew both shots.  My buddy could only look on as his gun sat empty outside his blind.

-God Bless
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 Posted 12/2/2011 11:54:31 AM

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I've done that same thing! About a month ago when I bagged my first Canadian Goose I was so excited that I forgot to put more shells in. Another group of low flying Geese flew over head... Needless to say I didn't shoot any of those ones lol.
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 Posted 12/22/2011 12:56:29 PM

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Something you do do, make sure you do not shoot AFTER legal shooting time. 3 days ago our crew was hunting an awesome field. Got 4 limits of ducks and geese way before shooting time, so we decided to just sit and take pics of birds coming in. So we are picking up decoys about 15 min. after legal time and all of a sudden on the other side of the field we hear...boom boom boom...kept going on and on.  It was the owner's son and his buddies shooting up ducks as they flew over. Police showed up, CO showed up and tried to blame it on us! Luckily i knew the co and he believed us.  Later that evening we go to the owners house with the co and he was busted.  Owner of the property said "this is my land i do whatever i want, and i want to shoot ducks". well to say the least he got a major fine!
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