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Wetland Restoration and Construction - A Technical Guide

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 Posted 12/12/2011 7:06:44 PM

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I wrote the new book Wetland Restoration and Construction-A Technical Guide to help you build successful wetlands, and at a low cost.  The volume is designed to  encourage and help individuals build wetlands for waterfowl and other wildlife  species.  Its contents are based my experiences restoring over 1,400 wetlands in 18-States and two Canadian Provinces.  You will find practical, low cost, highly effective techniques for building wetlands that will require little,  if any maintenance.


The chapters clearly explain how to select suitable locations for building wetlands, the  best techniques to use, what types of heavy equipment are needed, and how to oversee construction and planting.  Of  special interest to Ducks Unlimited members are the pages showing how wetlands  can be designed to provide habitat to waterfowl and shorebirds.  Other sections describe how wetlands can be built at schools for science education, on mined areas for cleaning run-off, as a means of closing old roads, and how wetlands that are not performing can be repaired.


Containing over 650 color photographs and drawings, the book is published by The Wetland Trust in partnership with the Upper Susquehanna Coalition, Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (PARC), and the Center for Wetlands and  Stream Restoration.  Individuals may visit  to take advantage of the introductory price of only $15.50 per copy, which also includes postage.  The book features many  wetlands that were restored for waterfowl using Ducks Unlimited funding.


Thank you,


Thomas R.Biebighauser

Wildlife Biologist and Wetland Ecologist

Center forWetlands and Stream Restoration

3415 SugarLoaf Mountain Road

Morehead,KY  40351






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 Posted 12/14/2011 4:36:01 PM

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Good Afternoon,

Thanks for the link regarding your new book.  I will send for one.  I have built three different WRP projects at three very different sites that I own up here in Central New York State.  I have a pothole complex with feeder ponds; a moist soil mangaged site with water control structure and a unique, flooded timber/pothole complex.  The local NRCS rep was very flexible in allowing me to use my personal input along with the accepted construction practices.  l'm always looking for new ideas for new properties or ways to improve my existing properties.  It new ventures will be self funded.  All the more reason to invest in other's offerings! :)


Ed Smith

"Cripples are our worst legacy. Hunt with a Retriever."

"Phil Robertson calls me for advice." :)
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 Posted 1/3/2012 5:47:25 PM

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Thanks for providing an excellent example of how much one person can do to improve habitat for waterfowl and other wetland wildlife on their land.  I've interviewed many who have built wetlands on their property and they say it is the most rewarding thing they have ever done.  I recommend that individuals begin with a small wetland project.  One can build a wetland 60-feet in diameter for less than $900.00.  These small wetlands are used by wood ducks, mallards, hooded mergansers, and many species of frogs, toads, and salamanders.  After you build a couple of small wetlands you'll be better prepared to jump into a larger project.  Ducks Unlimited, the NRCS, and US Fish and Wildlife Service have programs that can help private landowners build wetlands.  We're building a number of wetlands on private lands in Arizona and Kentucky with financial help from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Partners Program.

Please visit the website for the Center for Wetlands and Stream Restoration for help with wetland projects, and to see how attractive these habitats appear.


Tom Biebighauser
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 Posted 7/4/2012 8:53:38 AM

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Just what I signed up for the forum to find. About to start my own and first wetland project! this should ensure Its done correctly. Thanks!
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