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choke for blindside shells

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 Posted 11/26/2013 11:23:57 AM

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I have a very simple question. Which type of choke gives the best pattern for blindside.

Improved cylinder, mod, improved mod,?  Don't need makes of chokes just , best choke.
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 Posted 11/26/2013 3:29:19 PM

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I have been pleased with my factory modified for 3 1/2" BB's on geese out to 50 yards.
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 Posted 11/27/2013 5:04:40 PM

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Kicker -- We'll, it depends on how far your typical shots are.  If your shooting is mostly inside of 30 yards then an IC will probably serve you best but if you're taking shots out to the 40-45 yard mark then you may be better of with a Mod. choke.  Of course, the only way to really know which choke is "best" (whatever you decide that is) for your gun/choke/load/distance is for you to shoot some patterns with them to find out how they perform.

Here are some pattern numbers of mine with my gun to give you an idea of how the BS load performs with my chokes.  Anyway, you can be the judge of which choke is "best"!

Pattern results from a 12-gauge 3" Remington 870 Special Purpose with a 28" barrel and factory flush Rem-chokes and Carlson extended chokes (pattern average of five, 30" post-shot scribed circle, yardage taped muzzle to target, in-shell pellet count average of five, and true choke constriction from bore gauge).

1 3/8 oz #2 Hex Steel (176 pellets) @ 1,400 fps
40 YARDS w/ Factory Flush Rem-chokes

Rem-choke IC (.009" const.) / pattern 85 (48%)
Rem-choke Mod (.018" const.) / pattern 104 (59%)
Rem-choke Full (.037" const.) / pattern 109 (62%)

40 YARDS w/ Carlson Extended Chokes
Carlson Ext IC / Close-Range (.007” const.) / pattern 87 (49%)
Carlson Ext Mod / Mid-Range (.017” const.) / pattern 91 (52%)
Carlson Ext Full / Long-Range (.027” const.) / pattern 109 (62%)

Good luck.

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